The Best Tips For Decorating With Colours And Paint

This is a list of decoration tips from Dallas TX painters to use color properly, creating an original and renewed environment through color combinations and the proper use of paint.

You will see how simple it is to use colours and paint to enhance the appearance of interior environments easily. You should use some of these simple techniques in your home.

Create accents or emphasis: Color should not be used without rhyme or reason; on the contrary … there must be coherence in the colour palette used to decorate any environment. One of the best techniques is to use a strong hue to create enhancement in different functional and decorative elements.

Use the 60 – 30 – 10 rule: This is a methodology that will help you choose in what proportions you should use each of the colours in any space. It is about using 60% of a dominant tone, generally a neutral one, 30% of another subordinate tone that combines with the previous one, and leaving 10% for the colour accents of the previous point.

Paint original ceilings: One way to create these colourful accents or details is by painting the ceiling a different shade of white. The environment will look more attractive and original.

Combine the wallpaper: Using wallpaper, or wallpaper, is a decorative resource to highlight a wall or some sector of the living room or bedrooms. But the wallpaper and the colour of the rest of the walls must be carefully chosen to match each other.

Decorate in colour blocking: If you want to make your home an even more original place, you can help yourself with the technique of decorating with colour blocks. It is customary to use a varied palette of intense tones and use them in furniture, paint and different elements.

Use the multicolour: And if you dare to more, you always have the full-colour decoration at hand. Here the multicolour of intense tones are the star of the setting. It is generally used as an accent in white and very well lit environments.

Combine pastel colours: But if you find such intensity too stressful, you always have soft tones at hand. If you dedicate yourself to combining pastel colours, you will obtain luminous spaces, with a very delicate and charming climate.

A wall stands out: Perhaps one of the most used resources, but how well applied can make a common space a special place. Using an intense colour on a wall creates a focal point, sectors large spaces and looks very nice.

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